Reading hours from Nov 1st 2015
Mon, Tues & Thurs
12 noon- 8pm GMT
Fri 1pm - 4pm
Sundays 4pm - 8pm

Current waiting time is aprox 7 days..

Bookings can only be confirmed when payment has been received.

I am located in the UK so please note time zone differences before buying your reading.
The UK is currently on
If you are located in the UK I can call a landline  ALL OTHER LOCATIONS  are Skype voice calls ONLY.

It helps if you can include a contact number on your Paypal slip, so I can contact you if there is a problem with email. If you have nor heard from me within 24 hours of purchase please check spam folders


t is in your interest to check that your phone is working/charged/got a good signal/  Skype add to contact requests are accepted etc- and that your time zone conversions are accurate. If you need to reschedule that is fine but please give me 8 hours notice. I have been reluctant to introduce this measure but the only other alternative would be to pass on the cost of wasted reading hours by increasing the price of the readings and it seems unfair to penalise the majority of my wonderful considerate clients for the thoughlesness of a few individuals. If calls are unanswered 10 minutes into your booked slot, it will be considered a missed appointment.


In depth Readings

When you buy a reading, I will email you to arrange a day and time that suits.
I then call at the agreed time on your land line phone number (UK) or Skype (Worldwide)
It really doesn't get any easier than this!

You can relax, have a cup of tea, and enjoy your reading in the comfort of your own home.

No hidden charges or unpleasant surprises when you get your phone bill!

˙٠●✿  Yona x ✿●٠

Spoke too soon re the email issues, am now transferring to a new email address. If you haven't had a reply to a recent email - pleaase resend, as your message may have gone missing.

Spending time with family 24th Dec - 2nd Jan so there will be no bookings taken or emails  answered during this time. By request there will be a number of email readings available from 3rd Jan onwards.

Please read terms and conditions (below) before purchase

 30 min Tarot Reading


By Skype or Phone


 In Depth Tarot & Crystal Ball reading


By Skype or Phone.
 Aprox 50 mins


55 Minute Top Up reading

(repeat clients only)

By Skype or phone


Grand Tableau Lenormand

(email reading)
Please allow up to 10 days for delivery, this is a very complex spread and it takes many hours to interpret.
Sold out.
Whilst I cannot guarantee the outcome of any casting - for that part is out of my hands, I can guarantee that a genuine spell will be cast for you using traditional methods and correctly sourced Moon phased ritual ingredients. Places are limited so I reserve the right to reject castings that are unlikely to be effective, this is without prejudice.No curses. No recasts. No follow up correspondence.


Thank you for all your enquiries, I shall probably be taking the next bookings around the end of Jan 2016


   Energy Clearing

Identifyiing and eradicating negative or destructive patterns of behaviour. This session consists of two Spirit guided sessions
Part one. Identifying problem areas and Clearing.
Part two. Motivational session. Helping you to be the best that you can be.
Total cost for both sessions is £180 and takes place on a Sunday ( Skype voice call)
These sessions are ideal for people who feel that they are not fulfilling their true potential in Love, Work or Life in general. Some people may find aspects of the Clearing rather intense.
Please note. Although I consider myself to be guided by Spirit, these sessions are secular. I shall be working with Universal Energies.

Sold out
Coming soon...Moon phase herbs and authentic ritual ingredients

Terms and condition s.

For legal reasons I have to state that readings and castings are for entertainment purposes only and that by purchasing a reading or casting you are agreeing that you understand and accept this. I accept no liability for any actions or decisions that you take/do not take as a result of a reading. You should always consult the appropriate professionals.
Your own free will & judgement are paramount.It is the decisions that you take that will shape your destiny. Please note that missed appointments WILL be charged for unless there has been 24 hours notice of cancellation.

~ Yona  ~


 Over 18s only. For legal reasons I have to state that a reading is to be considered to be for entertainment purposes only. I have verifiable copyright of my name,image and wording.
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